Friday, February 3, 2012

Another Wonderful Fun Dinner!

What an amazing dinner last night!  Keith has really started loving to cook.  Well, last night I was his sous chef, lol! 

We watched Julie, Julia the other night and Keith wanted to make Beef  Bourgogne.  OMG, that is one heck of a recipe.  He started it at 3 pm, and I think we ate by 6:30 or so.  Lots of detail in Julia Child's Cookbook , called "Master the Art of French Cooking", if u do not have this cookbook, it is so worth the buy!

This dinner was delicious.   My neighbor Maggie came up and our son Josh was here and the wine was flowing.  I love having people over for dinner and enjoying the evening's conversation.

Watching Keith as he is reading the recipe and cooking is a lot of fun.  Here is a guy who could  not cook a few years ago and now makes amazing meals.

I want that wine!

Beef Bourgogne

The Sauce

Ha ha, nice tongue!


Dinner Guest, My neighbors dog Maggie, she spent the day with me.!

The Chef!!

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