Friday, September 9, 2011

Fitness Nut!

I LOVE TO EXERCISE.!! But as I have gotten older I get bored pretty quick anymore. I am so not motivated to work out that much anymore, but I make myself.

My BFF Yolanda, I call her YO YO, she is awesome, well, anyways, we make each other go hiking and we also take a step class 2 nights a week.

I am now on a healthy quest and so is my hubby. No more processed food at all. We both have just about given up drinking and now only socially, just is not good anymore, so I hope to lose a few pounds that way too.

I am a certified fitness instructor and when we lived in Holland for 5 years, I really got into it there and lost a lot of weight. Hard to teach where I live now as we are so far from town. I'm going to get back in shape and try and personal train again. Too Fun!!

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